Mike Beshel ’06, ’08, ’14

Michael Beshel has been a model USF graduate student… three times! Beshel received his master’s degree in Health Administration in 2006, his MBA in 2008, and then decided to return and obtain an MSN in 2014. Often referred to as a “ triple-alum” at USF, an individual with three degrees like Beshel exhibits hard work, loyalty, and a true commitment to the Franciscan values of respect, integrity, service and compassion.

Beshel’s first degree was obtained in a traditional three-year program at a satellite campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was very close to the hospital facility where he worked at the time. He learned about the University of St. Francis through some advertising materials that came to the hospital. “I was so appreciative of the flexibility of the USF program. It allowed me to continue  with my very busy schedule as a nurse executive, and also maintain my family life while raising three children at the time,” he said.

Beshel liked the program so much that he advocated for USF and shared information with the nurses he oversaw, to see if he could get more of them signed up for the USF experience. That first degree also got him promoted from director of nursing to chief nursing officer. With the promotion, and the business responsibilities that came with the role, Beshel felt strongly that he needed to return to school again—this time to enhance his business background.

“I returned to my alma mater to obtain my MBA. The program offered by USF was amazing and allowed me to complete the entire program online, which was extremely important as my new role kept me in the office 60–70 hours per week. I needed to be able to do my classwork at my time, and at all hours of the day and night,” explained Beshel.

Two years later, the University of St. Francis beckoned to Beshel again as he started looking into doctorate programs. Many of them required students to have an MSN. He once again reached out to USF to explore his options. Since he had many master’s credits through his previous degrees, it made obtaining an MSN through USF easy. He was able to complete it all online.

“Each one of these degrees gave me different knowledge that helped to prepare me for new roles, and helped me to become a great leader in the health systems I was working for. In fact, it allowed  me the opportunity to move up in the organization to the highest role in the nursing department for several years, which actually has afforded me the opportunity for an early retirement,” he said.

When asked for advice on how to keep balanced while obtaining a degree, Beshel had good suggestions. “First, always make sure you know what the degree will gain you. Second, be sure that you have a good contact with the university who can guide you through the correct order of classes. Through all of my degrees, USF staff members were always outgoing and helpful, ensuring that we, as students, were obtaining our goals,” advised Beshel. “And finally, make sure you only take on as much as you can handle in your work, school and family life.”

After his retirement, Beshel and his wife relocated to Florida. He may consider some type of part-time role in the future, but for now, he’s happy and comfortable.

“The education I received from USF has given me a life that many could only wish for,” he said.