Mike Bryant ’83

Mike Bryant wouldn’t have ever known about the University of St. Francis had long-time tennis coach and star business faculty member, Lyle Hicks, not recruited him to play tennis. It took a visit to USF and a meeting with legendary coach Gordie Gillespie and marketing professor Mike LaRocco for Bryant to realize that USF was just the place he wanted to be. Not only was it the right size, with the right tempo, but it also had the right value system, which Bryant indicated was an important factor in his decision.

Bryant decided to pursue a BBA with an emphasis in marketing. LaRocco and Hicks both proved to be role models and strong leaders for Bryant as both a business student and student-athlete at USF.

“Lyle was always serious about everyone doing well academically, but also wanted us to have fun in college. He made me enjoy the camaraderie of being on a team. We still occasionally keep in touch through email,” recounted Bryant, who had an enjoyable college and tennis career at USF.

Bryant received his BBA from USF in 1983. He furthered his studies through an executive MBA program in product development at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management. He was then trained in the early stages of his career at Fortune 100 settings such as Eastman Kodak Company, Integreon, Donnelly Enterprise Solutions and Bowne Business Solutions. Bryant’s sales, operations and general management responsibilities increased as his career grew, and his successful creation of new divisions and corporate development experiences helped to fuel and propel start-up and growth companies. In 2008, he founded Catalyst Management, which advises CEOs, boards and investors in the legal/business services industry with channel relationship development, new product and service launch, recapitalization, acquisition and post-merger integration.

In 2012, Bryant became co-founder and CEO of nSource, a knowledge process outsourcing firm specializing in consulting on and implementing a wide range of large law firm services including accounting, risk management, IT, research, marketing and administrative support. nSource was profitable within its first year of operation thanks in part to a multi-million-dollar contract to design and manage a back office service center for one of the top 10 law firms in the world. After four years of more than 40-percent growth per year, nSource acquired a law firm accounting outsourcing business that accelerated nSource’s entry into law firm billing and accounts payable/accounts receivable services. Bryant, his co-founders and their team of law firm operations and technology experts were recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2016. nSource remains a leader in the law firm consulting and services sector.

Last year, Bryant invested in HaystackID LLC out of Boston through Knox Capital, where he is an operating advisor. Now a shareholder, board member and executive chairman, Bryant guides HaystackID’s computer forensics and electronic discovery business, which monitors the growing amount of data involved in litigation or investigation. Their work focuses on mobile, social, and especially email databases—sorting, organizing, processing and essentially making it all reviewable for government or legal firms. Examples of the types of investigations HaystackID has navigated include departed employee misappropriation of trade secrets, data breach investigations, Telephone Consumer Protection Act defense, online trademark and patent infringement claims, cell phone forensics and more.

Through all of this growth, Bryant hasn’t forgotten his roots. He hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings at USF as a tennis scholarship recipient.

“I’m not sure I could have done it without my scholarship,” said Byant. “It was instrumental for me to be able to go to school and play my sport. It was very generous and important to my success.”

To the current students of USF, Bryant offered his own advice on achieving the kind of success he feels lucky to have encountered.

“Stay committed and get experience. Find a way to get involved in your field. Volunteer on a committee,” he said. “It’s a combo of what you know and who you know and it’s never too early to begin building your network. If you treat the people in your network with respect, they will recommend you, and want to work with you. That’s the USF tie-in– ethics and your moral character really do matter,” he said.

Bryant enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters, continues to play competitive tennis, and is actively involved with civic organizations focused on assisting underprivileged youth. He has enjoyed becoming re-connected to the University of St. Francis by speaking at USF’s business honor society induction a few years ago, attending Caritas this past January, and being willing to be featured by COBHA in this issue of Engaging Mind & Spirit.