The Gass Brothers, USF Undergraduates

gass-brothers2Joshua, Austin and Huston Gass are more than just brothers. They share a passion for golf. They look out for each other. They are marketing majors. They are best friends.

Starting this fall, the three also share one more characteristic—they’re all students at the University of St. Francis (USF). Joshua is a senior, Austin is sophomore and Huston is freshman.

“I feel very lucky as a mom that they are going to be together at USF where I know they will be watched over and cared about,” said Amy Gass, mom of the three boys. “It’s going to be very hard to have them all out of the house, but I know they have each other.”

Amy said USF is preparing her sons for the next chapters in their lives.

“USF does a great job making the kids feel welcomed, she said. “The teachers care, and you’re somebody. USF is just an extension of our family.”

Joshua originally started his college career at a local community college because he wanted to be close to his brothers. He transferred to USF on a golf scholarship, and his brothers weren’t far behind.

“The boys all play golf and have played with their father weekly since they were young,” said Amy. “Coach (Paul Downey) recognized the passion Austin and Huston had for golf, too, and watched them while they were in high school. They were awarded scholarships to USF as well.”

Amy said she often thought the boys would end up at college together since Huston looks up to both of his older brothers and Austin looks up to Joshua.

“Joshua has always set the example and guides his brothers,” said Amy. “We raised the boys to be close, and they are. As a mother, it’s a wonderful thing to see. Our boys are our blessings, our life.”