The Oyers

Oyer BRAD finalScott and Brad Oyer share a great passion for music. This father (Scott) and son (Brad) duo both can recall many, many holidays where spending time with family meant getting out their favorite instruments after dinner and playing together for hours.  As an employee and student, respectively, at the University of St. Francis, this pair can explore their love of music and music engineering through the Digital Audio Recording Arts program, or DARA, for short.

Despite being at different points in their careers, Brad, a college student and his father, an assistant network administrator here at USF, they both chose to get involved with DARA for the love of music.

Brad chose to major in DARA to pursue his dream of becoming a sound engineer. He’s very happy with the caliber of the recording facilities and the faculty within the DARA program. “You can tell that everyone involved with DARA really wants to be there and that makes for a very creative and uplifting learning environment,” says Brad. “I get to network with all kinds of people involved with the music industry, from musicians to producers and other sound engineers.
It’s a very welcoming and interesting community. Jeff Jaskowiak does an outstanding job making sure we are connected and involved with the industry,” Brad comments.

Oyer SCOTTOn the other hand, Scott is taking DARA courses for self-fulfillment’s sake. Scott previously attended NIU as an undergrad for music education, but realized teaching was not a great fit. Now that he is taking classes again, he’s filling in his credit hours with DARA courses. “The courses and people are very enjoyable. Going to class is easily the best part of my day,” says Scott. From a parent’s perspective, he is also very happy with the quality of the program his son is involved with. “DARA has made so much progress in the last several years. This program isn’t common in the area and it would be great to see USF become ‘the place’ to be for sound engineering and similar programs,” says Scott.

The DARA program is slated to become it’s own major by fall of 2015. This much anticipated program has seen much growth from within the USF community and has plans to continue expansion should the major reach full accreditation.