First-Year Transition Program

Session 1: July 13, 20, 27 and August 3, 2023
Session 2: July 30- August 3, 2023

USF’s First-Year Transition Program offers an academic experience designed to smooth your transition to college and the next chapter in your life. The program provides preparatory classroom experiences, academic resources, college life workshops, and community building opportunities.

Participants earn one hour of college credit and begin to experience a piece of college life. College professors and coursework guide you through the expectations of a college class.

Classroom experiences include a practice science lab, writing workshop, time management seminar, and group projects. Student leaders who have also gone through the program offer mentorship and support in helping you transition to college. Your personal story grows as you build confidence in this new adventure and develop friendships along the way.

Participants can choose to stay in a residential hall through the duration of the program. If they will be residing on campus during the fall semester, they will be able to move into their assigned room at this time. If they will be commuting they will be provided with a room. Students can also opt to commute to campus each day of the program.


  • One credit hour earned
  • Individualized faculty attention
  • Understanding college expectations
  • A personal plan for learning success
  • Check-in meetings throughout the fall semester

Registration Notes

  • This program is for incoming freshmen only
  • Registration fee: $30 billed to your USF student account


For more information, contact Ceddi Carver at 815-740-4293 or

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