Guardian Angel Hall Facilities

Housing the Leach College of Nursing (LCON), Guardian Angel Hall’s new nursing facilities encourage collaborative and real-world learning experiences among students and faculty. Backed by USF’s long legacy of nursing education, the new space allows students to get the most from their nursing education and is allowing LCON to grow the number of students it serves. Features of the new nursing facilities include:

  • 45,000 square feet devoted to nursing education.
  • Two large skills labs with medical mannequins and multiple patient beds so students can practice nursing skills, such as catheterizations, IV starts, dressing changes, tracheostomy care, and other nursing procedures.
  • Two high-fidelity simulation labs-one with a male medical mannequin and another with female and baby mannequins, all which replicate accurate physiological processes, including realistic pulses, respirations, blood pressures and oximetry readings. These labs are called “high-fidelity” because they are equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology that enables the student simulations to be recorded and played back when the students debrief with their instructor.
  • Two low-fidelity simulation labs-one with a classic medical mannequin and another set up as a community lab that simulates a patient’s home. These labs allow students to experience a variety of settings and situations to prepare for a career in nursing.
  • Six primary care rooms used mostly by our Family and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner students to conduct histories and physical examinations.
  • Two online testing centers to serve 77 students, including three individual carrels for students needing accommodations.