Multicultural Student Organizations

The Multicultural Student Organizations at the University of St. Francis are inclusive organizations that celebrate all students. There is a unique cross-representation of core values that are held and practiced among all of these student organizations. These core values include:

  • Respect as we honor and acknowledge the achievements of ourselves, the neighboring community, our history, and our future.
  • Integrity as we learn and practice being honorable and trustworthy individuals on campus and in the community; standing up and advocating for people who have been left in the margins of society.
  • Service by volunteering in the community by giving back to others who are less fortunate.
  • Compassion for learning how to love ourselves as well as the community; as evidenced in bonding and campus/community-wide empowerment events.


To find out more about any of the clubs listed below, visit the university’s Clubs & Organizations and Honor Societies page.



Augustus Tolton Honor Society (ATHS): Augustus Tolton Honor Society is committed to nurturing intellectual ability, promoting leadership and service development, and fostering knowledge of self among USF’s students of African descent.


Black Student Association (BSA): The Black Student Association celebrates diversity by sponsoring recreational, educational, social, and cultural events to enrich the quality of the college experience and students’ in-class learning. BSA is an inclusive organization that promotes cultural awareness and fosters student development through academics, diversity, and community. The Black Student Association strives to help students develop sound leadership skills and stimulate an appreciation of multicultural heritage.


Brother-to-Brother (B2B): Brother-2-Brother promotes college degree completion for African American and Latino males by engaging them in academic, social, cultural and spiritual activities. Brother-2-Brother is USF’s campus chapter of Student of the African American Brotherhood.  Brother-2-Brother’s motto is, “I am my brother’s keeper…and together we will rise.”


International Club: Seeks to create an environment that facilitates cross-cultural understanding and exchange among international students and the student body at-large.


San Alberto Hurtado Latino Honor Society: The San Alberto Hurtado Latino Honor Society was founded in 2014 by a group of Latino students who wanted to form a society that would honor all Latino scholars at the University of St. Francis. This honor society promotes Latino awareness and academic excellence on campus and in the Joliet community.


Sister-2-Sister: Sister-2-Sister promotes the development of young women with active and creative minds. Sister-2-Sister helps young women gain understanding and compassion for others and encourages them to act upon their beliefs. Sister-2-Sister focuses on total development of young women with a specific emphasis on character building, leadership, sisterhood, education, and networking.

Core Values:
Compassion – learning how to love ourselves as well as the community. (Bonding/Women Empowerment Events)
Integrity – teaching our members to be honorable and trustworthy individuals of the community.
Service – volunteering for the community by giving back.
Respect – honoring ourselves as well as the community.


Spectrum: Spectrum provides a safe place for LGBTQ students and their allies to meet, support one another, and talk about issues related to sexual orientation. Spectrum develops programs that acknowledge the total person in an effort to work with others to end homophobia and harassment.


Unidos Vamos a Alcanzar (UVA): Unidos Vamos a Alcanzar means “United, We Will Achieve.” This student organization is dedicated to preserving and advancing Latin-American culture and serves as a support network for students of Latino descent.