Study Abroad Programs

There are many reasons why you should study abroad, so it is great that you are considering such an incredible opportunity! Study abroad will not only help you learn and grow as a person, but it will also improve your resume and you’ll gain skills that employers in all fields value.

First, check out the different programs available through USF. There are many different types of programs, so don’t let all the decisions overwhelm you. It is helpful to first determine the length of program you want and your budget, then decide on a program from there. Also, make sure to read the FAQs.

Once you’ve determined the type of program you are interested in, you will need to complete all the required application materials for your program and submit them to the International Programs Office Suite on the second floor of the Motherhouse. You can also email the International Programs Office at with any questions.


Study Abroad Application Materials

With questions, contact Angie Maffeo at


Outside Study Abroad Scholarship Resources

There are numerous scholarships available for students who want to study abroad! Please take some time to review the scholarships below to find out which scholarships you are eligible to apply for. Please contact Maureen Stephan at if you have any questions or need assistance completing your scholarship application.

Country/Region Specific Scholarships
Japan: OR
Latin America:
United Kingdom:

Other Scholarship Funds
Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship **Only students currently receiving the Pell Grant are eligible to apply:
Boren Scholarships:
Critical Language Scholarship:
Fund for Education Abroad:
Rotary International Scholarship Foundation:
Whitaker International Program:
CAPA Scholarship **Only students participating in CAPA International programs are eligible to apply:


Once You’ve Returned

Once you’ve returned from your study abroad adventure, we ask that you help the International Programs Office promote study abroad to University of St. Francis students by attending study abroad fairs and speaking to classes! There is no better way to get future study abroad-ers excited about going abroad than hearing about what an amazing time YOU had! You will be contacted by the International Programs Office upon your return home requesting your attendance/assistance at upcoming study abroad events.


Additional Study Abroad Resources