Nursing Administration Curriculum

Graduate Program Outcomes

The Leach College of Nursing MSN program was developed to provide an educational program that will prepare the graduate nurse to:
• Incorporate concepts of advanced nursing roles into healthcare practices
• Demonstrate competence in advanced nursing roles within a variety of settings and with diverse populations
• Demonstrate leadership and management strategies in advanced nursing roles
• Analyze and synthesize individual and societal issues that influence health care
• Contribute to the development and refinement of nursing science
• Engage in collaborative relationships with members of interdisciplinary teams
• Engage in post-graduate academic and professional development activities
• Communicate effectively, conveying information correctly and accurately

MSN Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the MSN nursing program, the graduate will have the competencies to:
• Synthesize theoretical concepts from nursing and related disciplines as a basis for advanced nursing roles
• Implement an advanced nursing role in the healthcare delivery system
• Exemplify leadership roles within the healthcare system to promote patient centered care
• Utilize scientific inquiry to validate and refine nursing knowledge
• Demonstrate evidence-based practice in advanced roles
• Provide care for diverse patients, families, and communities in a culturally competent manner
• Engage in interdisciplinary relationships in practice settings

Nursing Administration
(42-51 credit hours) *

Undergraduate Prerequisites (6 credit hours)
MATH 105 Introduction to Statistics 3
NURS 412 Nursing Research 3

Graduate Core (16 credit hours)
NURS 610 Advanced Practice Nursing: Roles and Issues 4
NURS 611 Biostatistics and Nursing Research 4
NURS 612 Population Health 4
NURS 613 Evidence-Based Healthcare 4

Advanced Core for Administration (20 credit hours)
HSAD 603 Management & Human Resources of Health Care Organizations 4
HSAD 630 Health Care Finance 4
HSAD 637 Health Care Law and Compliance 4
HSAD 650 Health Care Ethics and Decision Making 4
NURS 690 Nursing Administration Capstone: Planning & Implementing a
Quality Improvement Initiative (last course) 4

Optional Education Courses (12 credit hours)
NURS 643 Teaching in Nursing 4
NURS 644 Nursing Education Methods & Measurement 4
NURS 645 Nursing Education Practicum 4

A minimum of 27 credit hours, including the Practicum course must be taken at the University of St. Francis to receive the degree. MS in Health Administration graduates will be granted 12 credit hours toward the MSN. They will need to complete HSAD 612 Issues in Health Administration for 4 credit hours as part of the MSN program.

*RN-BS to MSN option available