What is the number of freight railroads in Illinois, and how many miles does it cover?

  • Illinois has a total of 42 freight railroads that cover 7,313 miles across the state.


How many railroads are in the Will County area?

  • Will county is home to three Class I railroads: BNSF Railway, Union Pacific Railroad, and Canadian National.


What is the legal length limit to the number of cargo cars a train can pull?

  • There is currently no length limitation on trains.


What kind of freight to rails carry?

  • Rails typically carry bulk goods, perishables, and time-sensitive goods such as machinery, automobiles, and parts.


How does Will County play a role in Chicago’s status as a major freight hub?

  • Will county plays a part in the “freight crossroads of America” by housing three Interstate Highways (I-80, I-55, and I-57) and the three Class I railroads previously mentioned.



What is the number of freight truckloads carried across Illinois, and how many tons does it total?

  • The total carloads of freight carried across Illinois is 3,019,400 at 99,800,000 tons.


What are the top 3 “goods” transported in Illinois?

  • Mixed freight, farm products, and coal


What is the primary way goods are transported across the United States?

  • In 2002, trucks dominated the freight industry in the areas of value, weight, and ton-miles.


What is full truckload, FTL?

  • FTL are shipments larger than 15,000 pounds and less than 45,000. FTL shipments usually travel as the only shipment on a trailer and are delivered on the same trailer that picks them up.


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Is more domestic or international freight carried on the water?

  • Domestic waterborne ton-miles and tonnage has declined over the last two decades. However, maritime transportation carries over ¾ of the weight of all U.S. international freight.


How much is maritime transportation used?

  • The United States’ Inland Waterway carries about 600 million tons of domestic freight each year. That is approximately 16% of the total freight in the country.


What is the definition of the term intermodal?

  • Intermodal is when cargo is carried by more than one mode (i.e. ship to truck).


What are container ships?

  • Container ships are cargo ships that carry their entire load in truck-size containers, in a technique called containerization. This technique is a common means of intermodal freight transport.