Medelia Garcia

Medelia Garcia

Medelia Garcia

When she started looking at schools, Medelia Garcia was not familiar with the University of St. Francis. However, she knew it was different from other schools when admissions counselor Eric Ruiz made her feel like an individual, not a number.

“I was accepted into the university and he told me that if I did not decide to come to St. Francis, he would still help me with anything that I needed,” said Garcia. “It really stuck out to me.”

When Garcia visited the campus with her father, she was taken with the people and the environment. The school’s small size made it less intimidating, and the 1-on-1 education was just what she was looking for. From that moment forward, both Medelia and her dad knew she would be attending the University of St. Francis.

Garcia is majoring in Special Education with an endorsement in ESL (English as a second language), which will qualify her to work with students that are learning English as their second language. During her senior year in high school, Garcia had the opportunity to work with a class of special needs student, ages 14 to 21. This experience allowed Garcia to discover her passion, and USF is preparing her to pursue that passion for the rest of her life.

The University of St. Francis has afforded Garcia a myriad of opportunities. She has become familiar with not just her fellow students, but her professors and the entire community as well. Garcia is involved in a lot of organizations on campus, serving as the Vice President of Unidos Vamos Alcanzar (UVA) and a founding member of USF’s first sorority, Alpha Phi, as well as working for the Solutions Resource Center. She is also a member of the Residence Hall Association, the National Residence Hall Honorary and the San Alberto Hurtado Latino Honor Society.

In addition to her involvement on campus, Garcia is utilizing USF to prepare her for her professional career. As a sophomore, she has already worked in two different classrooms, completed her beginning field experience in the fall, and worked with high school bilingual students for a practicum.

“Just from this year and within my classrooms, I have been prepared for my profession so much already through experience,” said Garcia. “It makes me look forward to what the next two years will bring me.”