Meet A Vet Profile – MAJ Peggy Salinas

Meet a Vet - Peggy S

BSN ’05
MS Management ’10
Current Student MSN






To what degree does the GI Bill cover your school expenses? The GI bill covers 100% of my Tuition while I am on Active Duty.

What prompted you to return to school? I was working at the Veterans Health Care when I originally started at USF for my BSN. I completed it and pursued my first Masters there and am continuing to use it for my FNP. I love the fact that the all the staff and professors have been so willing to work with me while I am deployed and at remote locations.

Was adjusting to being a student and on active duty difficult? Somewhat, USF worked very hard with my military schedule and career to ensure that my educational needs were met.

What has your experience been like at your school? I have been very pleased with USF. I feel it is one of the best schools around and even more so because they are willing to work with military personnel and their hectic schedules.

Do you believe your military experience has made you a better student? I believe the military has a lot to do with my dedication to school. It has driven me to focus and continue no matter what obstacles may get in the way. It has taught me to be versatile and dedicated.

What advice do you have for active duty personnel taking classes while deployed? Work with your instructors; keep them posted on upcoming things that may interfere with your projects. Always anticipate the worst of situations that may occur. Turn things in early. I’ve always had a great working relationship with my professors which have definitely ensured the success of me completing classes.

Additional Comments: I would highly recommend USF to any military member that wants a great education opportunity with a University that actually cares about them.

Student Quote: The bridge that I was about to burn, I had to cross again years later. Boy, am I glad I thought twice about that.