Meet a Veteran Profile – Walter F. Dragon Jr.

walter f dragon jr

Information Technology, Communications


What made you select USF as your school of choice? Military friendly university, proximity to base. Friend referral

What is your current position and employer? Commander of the 108 Communications Flight on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey

How has your USF education aided you in your career? After graduating USF if gave me the opportunity to commission with the Air Force after being enlisted for 17 years. Commissioning enabled me to broaden my career and take on more responsibilities.

What advice would you give current veteran students on achieving their degree? If you haven’t started, start! If you have started, keep with it! The sacrifices you are making now will enhance your opportunities in the future.

Would you recommend USF to future prospective veteran students? Why? Of course. USF was very understanding of my military affiliation and made numerous accommodations around my military schedule. Without the understanding and support from all my professors, graduating with a worthwhile degree would not have been possible.