Dr. Ling-Yi Zhou

Zhou is a professor of psychology and has taught at the University of St. Francis since 1995. Zhou holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Miami University, Ohio. She has been honored by the University of St. Francis as a recipient of the Achievement in Scholarship Award and the Excellence in Teaching Award. She has been awarded many summer mini-grants for research at USF. She is also listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers and an active member of the nation’s oldest multiple-academic-disciplines honor society of Phi Kappa Phi.


Lifelong Learning

“Can you learn everything you need for your entire life in four years of college?” Dr. Ling-Yi Zhou asks her students. She doesn’t believe so. “One of the essential goals to achieve from getting higher education is the ability to learn on your own after you have left the formal educational system, for lifelong learning.”

Zhou likes to share her continuous learning experiences with her students to emphasize the necessity of lifelong learning. “A Ph.D. is not enough. You are constantly facing new tasks and you also need to have new visions,” she said. She learns through teaching and research, and from her students, as well. “I try to model how to learn on a daily basis, emphasizing the importance of openness to new ideas and diversity, willingness to accept constructive criticisms for improvement, and readiness to mindfully reflect upon the information and the self,” said Zhou. Scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and effortful reflection are routinely emphasized and practiced in her teaching, course-related assignments, and discussions.


High Expectations

Dr. Zhou has high expectations for her students and students see her as a rigorous teacher, challenging but accessible, helpful and encouraging. A student once described her classes as being “always challenging but rewarding.” Many students who move onto graduate programs highly appreciate her training of them while they were at USF. Students perceive her as a teacher who genuinely cares about their well-being and personal growth.

She is best known for engaging undergraduate students in her research projects, including her cross-cultural gender studies, aging and incorporating sustainable development into developmental psychology courses. Zhou and her students presented their research at the 72nd Midwestern Psychological Association meeting (2001), which led to a publication in a peer-reviewed research journal (2004). Zhou and her students also developed assessment instruments and conducted surveys to evaluate the new honors program at USF right after its implementation. Dr. Zhou can be reached at lzhou@stfrancis.edu.


Dr. Ling-Yi Zhou teaches:

  • Life-Span Development (online)
  • Social Psychology (writing intensive)
  • Research Methods in the Behavioral Sciences I and II
  • Child Development
  • Adolescent Development
  • Adult Development & Aging


USF’s Psychology Department offers undergraduate degrees (B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, B.A. in Substance Abuse Counseling, Minor in Psychology, Minor in Gerontology)