100 Percent edTPA Pass Rate for USF Education Graduates

The University of St. Francis (USF) is proud to announce that its 2017-18 student teachers achieved a 100% pass rate on the educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).

Specifically, the edTPA measures a pre-service teacher’s ability to design and deliver quality lessons that account for the individual needs of the students in the class. Furthermore, because teaching is only successful when students actually learn, the edTPA requires that the pre-service teachers analyze the students’ work to determine patterns of understanding and create next steps for instruction.

Students who successfully complete the edTPA will enter the classroom as educators who understand the depth of knowledge and applied practice that is needed for effective lesson planning, instruction, and the analyzing of their students’ learning.

With many opportunities to practice the skills measured by the edTPA throughout the education program, USF teacher candidates’ transition to student teaching with a clear understanding of what is expected of them as pre-service teachers and the ability to put their edTPA portfolios together with clarity and purpose.

USF’s College of Education (COE) faculty work closely to create curricular experiences that provide the knowledge and skills teacher candidates need to be effective educators as measured by the edTPA. For example, teacher candidates learn about planning for student’s individual needs in Learners with Exceptional Needs, apply that knowledge when they create lesson plans for a unit in Instructional Planning and Instruction, and further use that knowledge in Internship I when they teach their lessons to actual students.

Individuals who enter the University of St. Francis pursuing a degree in education will become part of a college that is dedicated to the preparedness of their students. The COE is creating meaningful and relevant opportunities for teacher candidates to be successful in their professional development. In fact, the edTPA is modeled after National Board Certification and the teachers who have completed the edTPA are poised for national certification down the road. This translates into teachers who continue to grow as professionals and remain engaged in their own learning to continue improving their teaching skills.

Those who are interested in a degree in education should visit stfrancis.edu/college-of-education.

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