USF Offers Opportunities for Experiential Learning

USF offers students many experiential learning opportunities. Experiential learning gives students get real-life, hands-on experience. Below are a few courses to get you thinking about how you can better experience your education – many are offered over the summer. These can be added to our vast variety of art, music and writing classes, and the field experience many of our students are required to complete in their education, nursing, radiology, radiation therapy, recreation and sport management and social work major programs.

Human Dissection Anatomy (BIOL-321)

Held in the state-of-the-art cadaver lab within the Brown Science Hall, the Human Dissection Anatomy course is one of the most appealing classes for students majoring in biology. USF is one of the few undergraduate schools that have opportunities for students to dissect cadavers! Typically offered each summer, this is an advanced course in human anatomy, primarily involving the regional dissection of the human cadaver, covering specific regions or anatomical principles as appropriate. In the course, students have the opportunity to observe and research anatomical variations.

Science of Fly Fishing (ENVS-115)

Students in the Science of Fly Fishing course will enjoy the great outdoors while learning how fly-fishing integrates the physics of high-tech fly rods, chemistry and fluid mechanics of water, and biology of fish and their prey. Students make observations, devise hypotheses, design experiments, collect data, interpret the findings and report the results of projects that emphasize the physics, chemistry and biology of fly-fishing. Often offered in the summer semester, the class meets some days at the main campus for lecture and other days at a nearby creek for field experience (i.e. casting those lines!).

Outdoor Leadership (RSTM-200)

This Recreation, Sport and Management course culminates with a seven-day wilderness camping experience. Students learn outdoor living skills, practice leadership and teamwork skills, and examine natural and cultural history and the local ecosystem. Throughout the course, students practice principles of environmental stewardship while examining their personal relationships to the natural environment.

Digital Audio Recording Arts (DARA-101)

In this course, student learn the basics of audio hardware and signal paths while workings hands-on at digital audio workstations. The course focuses on the production of radio commercials, voice-overs and music to develop and gain engineering and production skills in recording, mixing, editing, and composition.

Professional Nursing Practice I (NURS-310)

Nursing students fill the skills labs in Guardian Angel Hall to practice critical thinking skills in clinical situations as they work with medical mannequins. The course focuses on professional nursing interventions for health deviations. Opportunities for written and verbal communication are provided through client interaction, nursing care plans and legal documentation. The nursing process is applied to clients of various ethnocultural origins who require primary and/or secondary levels of health care in a variety of settings.

Looking for something more in line with your major?

Check out the class schedule to see the full list of classes offered at USF this summer, contact your advisor about the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program, or reach out to the Career Success Center about obtaining an internship in your field!