USF College of Education launches new programs

University of St. Francis College of Education has announced new master’s and doctoral programs for teachers and academic leaders.

For graduate-level students, a new M.S. Educational Leadership with two concentrations has been designed to prepare educators to become ethical decision-makers and leaders who can articulate a clear vision and sense of identity and purpose within a community. The Principal Preparation concentration is for educators who want to assume a principal or assistant principal role in a school. This degree replaces the old Type 75 certificate. The program culminates with students earning a Master of Science in Education degree and a P-12 Educational Endorsement. The Teacher Leader concentration leads to students earning a Teacher Leader Endorsement. Teachers who have completed the Teacher Leader Program at USF and who later decide to pursue a principal or assistant principal position will only need to take 12 additional hours. This program is currently running.

The M.S. in Teaching & Learning provides the opportunity for a school district or a cohort of teachers to select a concentration of courses designed to meet specific areas of interests and academic needs. The program assists teachers and administrators to address the myriad of issues and needs which school communities face in a climate of evolving standards, curriculum change, school improvement and strategic planning efforts. A new TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) track provides coursework that includes an analysis of English language and explores the relationship between language and culture. It will help students develop strategies for successful ESL teaching, particularly teaching adult second language. Pending enrollment, this program will begin in January 2014.

An M.S. in Higher Education will be launched in summer 2014 for individuals who aspire to become leaders in higher education administrative positions, as well as higher education professionals who seek career advancement. The degree will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a values-based foundation for leadership in higher education institutions. Associate Dean of USF’s College of Education, Cindy Wrobbel, said that an analysis of various forecasts including the U.S. Bureau of Labor Department of Statistics spurred the college to develop the program. The analysis suggested that due to retirements and increased enrollments, there will be a 19% increase in higher education administrative positions available between 2010 and 2020. Pending enrollment, this program will begin in May 2014.

On the doctoral level, USF expands its Ed.D. with a new concentration in Stewardship, Leadership & Learning. While the Superintendent Certification concentration was designed for educators interested in becoming leaders in their schools and districts, the new Stewardship, Leadership & Learning concentration teaches the importance of ethical and moral decision-making as it applies to various constituents, including non-educators who want to continue their quest for lifelong learning. It promotes the concept and practice of “servant leadership” as viewed through the Catholic/Franciscan lens, resulting in quality education based on respect, integrity, service and compassion. All of this is done via an applied research experience. Pending enrollment, this program will begin in January 2014.

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