Student Employment

The USF PA program strongly discourages outside employment because of the rigors of the curriculum. Additionally, the program does not recognize employment as an acceptable excuse for lack of attendance or failure.

A limited number of work-study positions may be available during the didactic phase but students must meet academic and professional requirements to attain and continue in a work-study position. A work-study position is federally funded and is not considered employment by USF.

Students may not be employed by or be required to perform clerical or administrative work for the University of St. Francis. Students with specific prior knowledge, experiences and skills may assist faculty in didactic and laboratory session to share his/her knowledge and skills. However, students may not be the primary instructor or instructor of record for any component of the curriculum.

Clinical students may not be hired as employees to perform medical services during any clinical rotation. Students, also, may not take the responsibility or place of qualified healthcare providers or staff.