USF PA program Albuquerque NM map

USF PA program tuition

USF’s Physician Assistant program in Albuquerque is designed to educate healthcare professionals pursuing a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies.

CohortStartEndTuition quarterTuition total
PA20 CohortClass of 2022 Start date Jan 2020Graduation date April 2022$9,500$85,500
PA21 CohortClass of 2023 Start date Jan 2021Graduation date April 2023$9,900$89,100
PA22 CohortClass of 2024 Start date Jan 2022Graduation date April 2024$9,900$89,100
PA23 CohortClass of 2025 Start date Jan 2023Graduation date April 2025$10,500$94,500
PA24 CohortClass of 2026 Start date Jan 2024Graduation date April 2026$10,500$94,500

Additional students fees include:

AAPA student membership.   $75

NMAPA student membership.     $20

 Acceptance Deposit (non-refundable).  $650

 Lab Fees, Professional Liability Insurance and Library Card Fees ($100 per quarter).  $900

 Professional Uniforms and Equipment*. $600

 Textbooks and Computer/Tablet*.  $3,500

 Technology Fee (9 quarters @ $95 per quarter).  $855

  • *These fees may change.