Jeremy Grachan

Jeremy Grachan chose USF right away because it was close to home yet still far enough for him to live on campus to gain some independence. For Jeremy it was important to stay near his home because he wanted visit with his grandparents as well as play with his beagle puppy, Sammy, as much as he wanted to.

Jeremy Grachan

Jeremy Grachan

Jeremy knew from a young age he was interested in a career in the medical field. He hopes to achieve this dream by studying biology with a pre-med concentration and a minor in chemistry. After college, Jeremy hopes to pursue a career in forensic pathology or oncology, since cancer has touched many people close to him in his lifetime.

Jeremy has not wasted any time getting involved since he arrived at USF. He hold many positions and honors within university organizations, including: national conference coordinator for Residence Hall Association, a Biology Fellows scholarship recipient , Duns Scotus council member, science tutor, human physiology SI leader and National Residence Hall honorary, to name just a few of his achievements.

As if he didn’t have enough to do, Jeremy is coordinating the Illinois Residence Hall Association annual conference that will be held at USF in February 2016. He was also co-chairman for USF’s first Relay for Life event this past April. Outside of school Jeremy is involved with the Romeoville, ILL. Relay for Life as the luminaria chairman. At the end of the day, Jeremy just likes to get back to his dorm room and get some well-deserved sleep.

Jeremy would like to thank two professors here at USF who have made a strong impact on him; Dr. Lisa Hedrick and Dr. Eric Essick. Jeremy said that Dr. Hedrick was one of the first people he met at USF since she was the director of the honors program. She helped make Jeremy’s transition into college easier by always being there to work through any problems her was experiencing. Jeremy says that “Dr. Hedrick cares about students and wants them to succeed”.

The second person that has made a huge impact on Jeremy is Dr. Eric Essick. Dr. Essick was Jeremy’s Biology I and human physiology professor and also his academic advisor. He said that out of all the professors here at USF, Dr. Essick is the one he has gotten to know the best. “ Dr. Essick is not just concerned with student’s academic success, but he also cares about us as people and our personal well-being.”

Just like Dr. Hedrick, Dr. Essick is easy to talk to and is available to guide him in the right direction. Jeremy says “Professors like these are one of the best things about USF. Since it is a small school you get to know professors on a personal level”.

Something that Jeremy will never forget so far is the Caritas Scholarship Ball he attended this past year as a reward for serving as the vice president of finance for Student Government Association. “ I was able to meet and visit with the people who have helped to make a huge impact in student’s lives through the scholarship donations they have made.” Jeremy was amazed by the auction prices and touched at the support people were willing to give to future students.
The greatest impact on Jeremy, however, was the fact that many donors didn’t want any prizes in return. They were only giving what they could to make the lives of others better, which Jeremy will never forget.

Jeremy would definitely recommend USF to any of his friends who were considering what college to attend. “This is a place where you can get a great education by professors who actually want to see you succeed. Whether you are a resident or commuter, USF can offer you the opportunity to practice the Franciscan values of service, integrity, honesty and compassion, even if you are not religious. These values can help everyone in their everyday life and help you succeed with future careers and relationships.”