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FAQs: REAL at University of St. Francis

Q: What is the tuition rate for courses offered through REAL?
Q: Are courses offered through REAL eligible for financial aid?
Q: What is the format for online courses?
Q: How do I register for a course?
Q: My district/school requires pre-approval, where can I find the syllabus for my course?
Q: How do I access my student account?
Q: What if I have not received my user name and password?
Q: Where can I find information on textbooks or materials required for a course?
Q: How do I drop a course in which I am currently enrolled?
Q: How do I request to have an endorsement added to my Illinois Professional Educator License?
Q: Where do I send my tracking log and administrative verification letter for 100 hours required for ESL and Bilingual Education endorsements?
Q: Is USF regionally or nationally accredited?

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