ESL Endorsement Courses

Course Titles, Dates, and Registration
Register here for Spring 2018 ESL courses
Summer 2018 ESL courses (registration is scheduled to open February 26)
EEND 631: Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual and ESL (4 credit hours)
EEND 632: Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (4 credit hours)
EEND 633: Assessment of Bilingual and ESL Students (3 credit hours)
EEND 634: Cross Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English Proficient Students (3 credit hours)
EEND 636: Linguistics (4 credit hours)

Important Information and Policies
1) Tuition Information 2) Billing and Payments 3) Federal Financial Assistance 4) District and Area Partnerships
Useful Information and Resources
ISBE Requirements for ESL
Syllabi – Overview by Course
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Entitlement to ESL Endorsement
Using ESL credits toward a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning
Earn a TESOL graduate certificate