Driver Education Endorsement Courses

REAL has partnered with the Illinois High School College Driver Education Association (IHSCDEA) to provide Driver Education courses for educators interested in pursuing a Safety and Driver Education endorsement.

Driver Education Courses offered at USF

Each title listed is three (3) semester hours and tuition is $1,000 per course.

EEND 615 Injury Prevention & Safety
EEND 616 Driver Task Analysis
EEND 617 Methods of Teaching Driver Education: Classroom
EEND 618 Methods of Teaching Driver Education: Behind the Wheel
EEND 619 Methods of Teaching Advanced, Evasive, Simulation and Range


ISBE Requirements for Safety and Driver Education Endorsements

Hold a valid PEL with a Secondary Teaching Endorsement and
complete 24 semester hours with 12 hours earned at the upper division as follows:

3 semester hours in injury prevention or safety (EEND 615)

9 semester hours in driver education that include:

  • Driving task analysis/introduction to driver education​ (EEND 616)
  • Teaching driver education in the classroom​ (EEND 617)
  • Teaching the laboratory portion of the driver education course, including on-street teaching under the supervision of a qualified driver education teacher, advanced driver education, and emergency evasive driving maneuvers​ (EEND 618)

12 semester hours in at least four (4) of the following areas:

  • First aid, adolescent/young adult psychology (Click Here for EEND 630)
  • Any safety-related issue relevant to driver education, advanced driver education in use of simulation/multiple care programs (EEND 619)
  • Health and wellness (Click Here for EEND 731 or EEND 734)
  • Care and prevention of injuries, alcohol/drug abuse issues (Click Here for EEND 733)
  • Driver Education for students with disabilities
  • ​​

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Interested in applying these courses toward a Master’s Degree?

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