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Research You Can Use: Educational Research Published by USF Doctoral Program Graduates

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Co-Teaching: The Effects of Co-teaching on Reading and Mathematics Achievement for General Education Students in Intermediate Grade Levels (Grades 3-5)
By Dr. Erin E. Dwyer
The Social Emotion Curriculum Second Step and its Effect in Elementary Schools
By Dr. Shari Demitrowicz
Teacher Behavioral Process Criteria Grading Practices and the Effect on Student Achievement in English and Mathematics
By Dr. Jon Kahney
A Study Analyzing the Impact of the Renewed Scholars Program on Attendance, Academic Achievement, and Behavior for At-Risk Tenth Graders at a Large Chicago Suburban High School
By Dr. John J. Greenan
A Study of How Loss of Privilege (LOP) Impacts Referral, Suspension, and Failure Rates of Minority Students at a South Suburban Chicago High School (SSCHS)
By Dr. Daniel S. Goggins
The Effectiveness of Section 504 Plans that are Initiated for Secondary School Students within a Large Chicago Suburban High School
By Dr. Joseph T. Skarbek
Student Goal Setting Conferences and the Effects on Student Achievement
By Dr. Gretchen Sutherland
The Effectiveness of Instructional Mathematics Coaching: A Study on How the Implementation of Instructional Mathematics Coaches in Elementary Schools Impacts Student Achievement and Promotes Teacher Self-Efficacy
By Dr. Janice E. Taylor
A Study on the Effect of One-To-One Technology on Student Growth in Reading
By Dr. Shawn Olson
Promoting and Developing Instructional Leadership: Nurtured Through Teacher Involvement in a Professional Learning Community
By Dr. Sharon Paver-Nepote
A Study of Teacher Evaluation and its Influence on Teacher Practice: Assessing Teachers’ Perceptions in a Large Suburban School District in the Midwest
By Dr. Christian Matthew Rivara
Assessment of the Relationship Between College & Career Readiness and the Rigor of High School Math Classes
By Dr. Holly Pierson