IAHPERD Conference

Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

Planning to attend the 2017 IAHPERD Convention in November? You can earn graduate credit for your participation. See the course syllabus below for details.

REAL 695 Z3: 2017 IAHPERD In the Zone | $225.00 (1 credit hour)

REAL 695 Z4: 2017 IAHPERD In the Zone | $450.00 (2 credit hours)

REAL 695 Z5: 2017 IAHPERD In the Zone | $675.00 (3 credit hours)

Course Description
This course identifies and describes instructional strategies (through a variety of breakout sessions and a featured keynote presenter) that provide support and leadership to educators as they promote and teach lifelong learning. This course will require conference attendees to take the knowledge gained in breakout sessions and presentations and apply them to their everyday work to promote learning in the classroom and/or school district.

Questions regarding this opportunity may be directed to Bill Freeman at 815-740-3667 or wfreeman@stfrancis.edu