Illinois Reading Council Conference

University of St. Francis is offering attendees at the 2016 IRC Conference the opportunity to earn 1-3 hours of graduate credit.

– Cost per credit hour is $225.00

– Course assignments must be submitted on or before Monday, November 28, 2016

RECT 694 A: Reading: Unlocking Opportunities | $225.00 (1 credit hour)

RECT 694 B: Reading: Unlocking Opportunities | $450.00 (2 credit hours)

RECT 694 C: Reading: Unlocking Opportunities | $675.00 (3 credit hours)

Questions regarding this opportunity can be directed to Amy Schroeder, Reading Program Coordinator at 815-740-3661 or

This course offers multiple venues for educators to have opportunities for the formal and informal exchange of ideas related to literacy issues and lifelong learning, with an emphasis on reading and the concerns of literacy educators. This course will require conference attendees to take the knowledge gained in conference sessions and presentations and apply them to their everyday work to promote literacy in the classroom and/or school district.