Mindfulness in K-12 Education

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The Mindfulness Movement (1 credit hour)
From Forbes to Google, mindfulness has become a part of pop culture and is edging its way into K-12 public and private schools. Emerging research supports the cognitive and physical benefits for those who regularly practice meditation and mindfulness including reduced anxiety and perceived stress as well as an increased ability to focus, remember, and manage emotions. This course explores the mindfulness movement, its relationship to meditation, and the implications for teachers and their students.
October 23 – November 13 | online
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The Mindful Teacher (1 credit hour)
While emerging research supports the positive benefits of integrating meditation and mindfulness into the school day, how do teachers prepare themselves to teach the concept? This course explores routine meditation and mindfulness practices intended to assist teachers with becoming more mindful. Once teachers integrate mindfulness and meditation into their own lives, they are more equipped to lead students in parallel practices. PRE-REQ: The Mindfulness Movement
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