Joliet, Ill. – Every other year, the University of St. Francis (USF) invites its students who live on campus to participate in the nationwide EBI Resident Assessment Survey. This year’s survey, which measured student satisfaction and learning outcomes in the residence halls through the lens of nineteen different factors, included data from 246 academic institutions. Results for each participating school were then ranked according to three different categories: All Institutions (all 246 participating schools), Select 6 (USF and six other institutions that share a variety of similar characteristics), and Carnegie Class (26 institutions, including USF, that grant doctoral and professional degrees).

When compared to all 246 participating schools, USF ranked:

  • #1 in the Overall Learning factor;
  • #2 in five factors, including Satisfaction: Room Assignment; Learning Outcomes: Personal Interactions; Learning Outcomes: Self-Management; Learning Outcomes: Sustainability; and Overall Program Effectiveness;
  • Among the top 5% in seven factors in addition to those listed above, including Overall Satisfaction (#6 of 246); and
  • Among the top 20% in four factors in addition to all those listed above.

In its Select 6 group, USF ranked:

  • #1 in twelve measured factors;
  • #2 in six additional measured factors; and
  • #3 in one measured factor.

In its Carnegie Class group, USF ranked:

  • #1 in ten measured factors;
  • In the top five of an additional six factors; and
  • In the top eleven in yet three more factors.

“This year’s EBI Survey results demonstrate that our staff and students are able to successfully create a learning-focused environment in the residence halls,” said Mollie Rockafellow, USF Dean of Student Life. “They also show the effort that goes into building a positive, community experience for students choosing to live on campus. There is a lot more to be had beyond just a room and a meal plan when you live on campus,” Rockafellow added. 

One of the areas in which USF ranked highest and that contributed to its high overall score was students’ satisfaction with the student staff (USF Resident Staff).

“There are twenty Resident Staff members. Each of those staff members experience over thirty hours of training each year surrounding engaging with diverse students. Those staff members are tasked with connecting with each individual on their floor. This is all mission-driven by creating a welcoming community of learners,” Rockafellow said.

Rockafellow also identified other areas in which student survey participants reported learning a great deal about because of living on campus, including meeting other people, living cooperatively with others, resolving conflicts and improving interpersonal relationships.

“Each student is coached on building relationships and managing conflicts through the roommate agreement process in which they are asked to have a direct conversation with their roommate to discuss potential challenges and communicate an agreed upon set of behaviors. Also, part of the work the USF Resident Staff does involves connecting students to others and building relationships,” she added.

“Our results on this survey have traditionally been excellent, but this is a whole new level with this year’s results,” said Damon Sloan, USF Vice President of Student and Alumni Affairs. “We congratulate our entire Residential Education team for creating an environment for our students that is state-of-the-art. These results show that our students are responding to the efforts this team puts in every year.”

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