Science Hall Facilities

The LaVerne & Dorothy Brown Science Hall  supports USF’s innovative science curriculum, providing an interactive, interdisciplinary learning environment for both students and faculty. It allows science instruction to be segmented into three academic clusters: microbiology, genetics and molecular biology on the first floor; human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics on the second floor; and chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry on the third floor. Each of the three clusters in the new building share equipment and space. In addition, the building also includes four research areas, creating exciting interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students and faculty members.

35,000+ square feet in three stories
Multipurpose lecture hall
9 teaching laboratories (three labs on each floor)
4 student/faculty research laboratories
14 faculty offices
9 common areas including 2 open study areas
Tutoring room
Conference room
Pre-function space in front of the lecture hall
2 meeting rooms
2 student common spaces

Construction Progress Photos


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