picture of Fernanda Quevedo in a lab coat.Fernanda Quevedo ’17
Biology major (Physical Therapy concentration)
I greatly enjoyed my time at USF. My favorite part is knowing that through every challenge I encountered, I had the support of my professors and peers. My favorite class was Human Dissection Anatomy. I continue to pursue my dream job, which has always been working in a clinic for kids with disabilities.

Lisa Hedrick, Professor
picture of Lisa Hedrick conducting a lab experiment in front of students.In my 20 years of teaching, I think my biggest contribution to the curriculum is that I strive to connect relevant chemistry concepts to what biology students are learning. My goal is for the students to understand that all disciplines within science are connected rather than isolated. In redesigning the biology curriculum, the department made interdisciplinary research a pivotal aspect. One way interdisciplinary research is emphasized is in the first semester biology lab course, where students will design a semester-long research project. The skills developed through this experience provide the foundation for upper-level courses to build upon. The new science building is designed to support this shift in the curriculum, because it clusters different disciplines together, and because it provides designated research space within each cluster.

picture of Brian Herbst.Brian Herbst, Jr., M.D., Class of 2005
Biology major with a Chemistry minor
Through my relationships with USF faculty, I developed many of the interpersonal skills and qualities necessary to be successful at my job today as a physician. In addition to being one of the best teachers I’ve had, Dr. Salim Diab gave me advice, challenged my thinking and approach to life, and was someone I was able to call a true friend. I’m currently an assistant professor of clinical medicine with dual appointments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati.