The new LaVerne & Dorothy Brown Science Hall will provide space for the functional needs of the natural and health sciences by providing learning spaces that meet the unique requirements of science and health education for the 21st century.  The design of this facility will intentionally:

  • Foster interdisciplinary connections among faculty, students and the larger community by encouraging the types of interactions that have and will continue to characterize the advances in science and health education in formal and informal spaces.
  • Support research for students and faculty by providing dedicated spaces and equipment.
  • Showcase science and health by displaying research and learning, using design to tell stories, and presenting unique aspects of science and health in public. It will invite all, especially students, into a distinctive space by using innovative, artistic and creative design while accommodating the specific needs of science laboratories and health spaces.
  • Be a sustainable building, designed to meet LEED Gold standards, which can be used to educate by including informative plaques, meters and structural transparency.
  • Be flexible, allowing for multi-functional spaces which accommodates dedicated laboratory and clinical spaces as needed for emerging pedagogies and programs