Safety & Security FAQ

In an emergency, Security can be contacted by dialing ext. 3200 from any HOUSE PHONE, or by using one of the five on campus EMERGENCY PHONES which are located near the Uno Lounge, on the Tower Hall south outside wall, outside of the Rec Center in Lot A, as well as parking lots B and D. Code Blue phones are located across the campus and in the parking lots; these phones have direct contact to the 24-hour security desk.

The USF Safety and Security Department operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year providing security for all individuals and property on the USF campus by means of foot and vehicular patrols.

If at any time you don’t feel comfortable walking to or from a building on campus, or to your vehicle, simply contact USF Safety and Security at ext. 3200 and a Security Officer or Student Security Corps member will provide an escort.

You may file a complaint or report in the Campus Safety and Security Department at any time. You may also call the Security at 815-740-3200 and have an officer meet you to take your report.