Campus Security Authorities

A Campus Security Authority (CSA) is any university member who has significant responsibility for campus and student activities. A CSA has responsibilities under the Jeanne Clery Act to report information for timely warnings and crime statistics. All security officers, coaches, R.A.s and advisors to student organizations and clubs are also considered Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act.

University of St. Francis Campus Security Authorities

  • Arvid C. Johnson, President
    Motherhouse 218, 815-740-3369
  • Jason Williams, Director of Safety and Security
    Tower Hall TG15, 815-740-6222
  • Julee Gard, Vice President for Administration and Finance
    SCC GAH Building, 228, 815-740-3371
  • Damon Sloan, Vice President for Students and Alumni Affairs
    Motherhouse 142, 815-740-5055
  • Allison Heard, Director of Institutional Diversity and Title IX Coordinator
    Motherhouse 229, 815-740-5025
  • Molly Knapczyk, Assistant Director of Human Resources and Title IX Deputy Coordinator
    SCC GAH Building, 332, 815-740-5076
  • Cara Currier, Assistant Director of Athletics and Title IX Deputy Coordinator
    Sullivan Recreation Center 2nd floor, 815-740-3407
  • Dave Laketa, Director of Athletics
    Sullivan Recreation Center 2nd floor, 815-740-3842
  • Mollie Rockafellow, Director of Student Life and Residence Education
    Motherhouse 138, 815-740-3381
  • Cedricka Carver, Assistant Director of Residence Education
    Marian 104, 815-740-4293
  • Allie Youngren, Student Life Coordinator
    Motherhouse 152, 815-768-8378
  • Angie Maffeo, Director of International Programs
    Motherhouse 226, 815-740-3711