Campus Security Authorities

A Campus Security Authority is any university member who has significant responsibility for campus and student activities. A CSA has responsibilities under Clery to report information for timely warnings and crime statistics.


University of St. Francis CSAs

  • Arvid C. Johnson, President, Motherhouse 218, 815-740-3369
  • Jason Williams, Director of Safety and Security, Tower Hall TG15, 815-740-6222
  • Damon Sloan, Vice President for Students and Alumni Affairs, Motherhouse 142, 815-740-5055
  • Allison Heard, Director of Institutional Diversity and Title IX Coordinator, Motherhouse 229, 815-740-5025
  • Molly Knapczyk, Assistant Director of Human Resources and Title IX Deputy Coordinator, SCC GAH Building, 332, 815-740-5076
  • Cara Currier, Assistant Director of Athletics and Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Rec Center 2nd floor, 815-740-3407
  • Mary Spreitzer, Director of Human Resources, SCC GAH Building, 322, 815-740-3867
  • Dave Laketa, Director of Athletics, Rec Center 2nd floor, 815-740-3842
  • Joseph Wysocki, Director of Ministry, Motherhouse 324, 815-740-2274
  • Mollie Rockafellow, Director of Student Life and Residence Education, Motherhouse 138, 815-740-3381
  • Cedricka Carver, Area Coordinator, Marian 104, 815-740-4293
  • Joshua Rice, Area Coordinator, Motherhouse 152, 815-768-8378
  • Angie Maffeo, Director of International Programs, Motherhouse 226, 815-740-3711


All security officers, coaches, RA’s and advisors to student organizations and clubs are also considered Campus Security Authorities under the Jeanne Clery Act.