Room & Board Rates

All prices include the cost of a full meal plan

Marian Double5,715
Marian Single6,015
Marian Single Deluxe6,015
Marian Triple5,715
Marian Triple Deluxe5,715
Marian Lounges5,715
Motherhouse Apartment Double6,540
Motherhouse Apartment Single6,995
Motherhouse Double5,790
Motherhouse Double Deluxe5,790
Motherhouse Double Suite6,040
Motherhouse Single6,090
Motherhouse Single Deluxe6,090
Motherhouse Triple5,790
Tower Double5,310
Tower Single5,610
Tower Single Suite6,220
Tower Triple5,310
Tower Triple Suite5,620

Non-Resident Meal Plans Are Available

Click here for meal plans available to all USF students!

For more information on dining options, visit the dining website.