Commuter Assistants goal is to promote community within the commuter population, encourage commuter participation in student development programs and help commuters feel more connected to the campus. The Commuter Assistants host several events throughout the year including Commuter Appreciation Week.

Saints Ambassador Corps members assist the Admissions Office with recruiting new students to USF. Members are trained to give tours, phone prospective students, and host overnight guests. Prospective members are interviewed and selected by the Admissions Office.

Student Alumni Mentoring (SAM) program was established in 2012 to bring students and alumni together to help pave the way for students to succeed at USF and beyond. Students are partnered with an alum whose education and career closely matches the student’s to gain direction and potential career goals and connections. This program is sponsored by the Alumni & Family Relations Office.

Student Government Association strives to bring the voice of all students to administrators, faculty, staff, and trustees to create cohesion and address all issues pertaining to student life on campus. The success and effectiveness of the Student Government Association relies on students actively participating in Senate, and Committees.

University Ministry students carry out their calling to serve at home and abroad in soup kitchens, shelter, schools and other agencies in need. USF students spend two weeks as part of a mission to Sucre, Bolivia, where they work in orphanages, hospitals and prisons.