Student Services

College life is more than the classroom experience. The University of St. Francis offers many services that will help you, as a student, to experience personal growth and broaden your educational and social horizons. The Student and Alumni Affairs Division at USF works to make the student experience meaningful. We encourage you to join a student organization, attend social and cultural events and volunteer. Getting involved in student life will ensure that your college journey is rewarding and memorable.
Student and Alumni Affairs consists of Residence Education, Student Life, the Career Success Center, Counseling & Wellness, Safety & Security, Alumni & Family Relations, Academic Advising, the Academic Resource Center and Athletics. The Vice President of Student & Alumni Affairs is responsible for the safety and well-being of all students and enforces the student Code of Conduct. Once you are a student at USF, you will need to become familiar with the Student Handbook, which details resources and services, along with rules that are intended to protect and encourage the personal development of all members of the USF community.
Many resources and services are available to you at USF; click here to find out more.