The Year of Service – Cody Lundy

lundyUniversity of St. Francis (USF) student Cody Lundy strives to be of service.

Lundy, a junior from Oak Forest, Ill., regularly volunteers at the Daybreak Shelter in Joliet. Every Friday morning from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m., Lundy can be found making breakfast for the homeless.

“It’s only two hours out of my week, but I know those two hours make a huge difference,” said Lundy. “I enjoy cooking, and I am pleased I can use my talents to help those who need it.”

A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Lundy also has volunteered on campus to teach a self-defense course at the request of a group of female students.

“I like being able to use my talents to help people,” said Lundy, a criminal justice major who hopes to have a career in the FBI or CIA.

Lundy also has involved himself in USF’s student life opportunities through the Orientation Board, which leads freshman student orientation each August, and as part of the Justice League of USF, a club for fans of superheroes, comic books, science fiction and the like.

“I had the opportunity to make an impact on my peers and take on a leadership role including giving a speech to the Class of 2017 as co-chair of the Orientation Board,” said Lundy. “I like being a part of the Justice League Club just because it’s another way to meet people who share a common interest.”

Lundy says that his USF experience has given him the opportunity to be a leader and be part of something much bigger than he imagined.

“I am getting a solid academic foundation and learning in an environment that breeds success,” he said.