Phase II

Phase II of the Campus Master Plan is expected to address three areas: Learning, Living and Playing. At this point, plans are tentative and based on preliminary market research and on-campus focus groups. The planning process for Phase 2 will offer the same opportunities for input by members or the greater USF community. Preliminary discussion includes the following:


Tower Hall North wing will be dedicated to learning spaces and the South wing will house academic support areas such as faculty offices.

The library will be reconfigured as a learning resource center.

A new building to house the Natural and Health Sciences is under study. Conceptual location is at the southeast corner of Wilcox and Taylor streets.


A new residential unit to house 150 or more students will be constructed to replace Tower Hall residence rooms and create additional residence space. The new residential unit may contain retail space or office space on the street level. The conceptual location is the north end of the quad, east of the Recreation Center (between the Motherhouse and the Recreation Center), near Douglas Street.


A new field house is under consideration to provide activity space for students, improved facilities for athletics and community fitness facilities. Conceptually, a new field house would be located in the triangle-shaped property on Taylor Street at Plainfield Road.

On going

Parking remains a major planning component. Discussion continues regarding a parking garage, which conceptually would be located south of the Motherhouse and Taylor Street at Plainfield Road.

Property acquisition, campus beautification and parking creation will continue in Phase 2 of the Campus Master Plan.