Physician Assistant Studies Tuition & Fees – Class of 2025

Estimated Class of 2025 Program Costs*

for the entire 27 months (9 quarters), beginning January 2023:


AAPA student membership




NMAPA student membership


Acceptance Deposit (non-refundable)


Combined tuition ($10,500 per quarter as of January 2023)


Lab Fees, Professional Liability Insurance and Library Card Fees ($100 per quarter)*


Professional Uniforms and Equipment*


Textbooks and Computer/Tablet*


Technology Fee (9 quarters @ $95 per quarter)


Estimated Total Costs for program


  • Estimated costs subject to change.
  • All students are required to carry health insurance, including hospitalization, throughout the entire program. It is the responsibility of the student to provide proof of health care insurance.
  • Students will have direct contact with patients in healthcare and other settings and are therefore required to undergo background review of potential criminal histories and a urine drug screen to detect any use of common drugs of abuse. During the didactic and clinical learning year PA students are required to participate in the care of patients in various healthcare settings; these checks are considered a condition of acceptance into our program. Most healthcare facilities also require that this testing be completed before allowing a student to have direct patient contact. The student shall be responsible for any associated costs with criminal background checks, fingerprinting and urine drug screening.
  • Students may incur additional housing expenses during the clinical year while on rural rotations.
  • Some courses include components such as BLS/ACLS training and Licensing Examination reviews. Costs of these are part of course fees.
  • Costs associated with student clinical tracking systems (i.e. Typhon) and other administrative systems are fully covered by the university.


Refund Policy

The institutional refund policy below describes how tuition charges will be handled. The federal refund policy determines which portions of Federal Title IV aid need to be returned to the federal programs. Refunds for withdrawal from the university will be made only after receipt of completed withdrawal forms. Tuition charges are 100% refunded when the withdrawal occurs during the first 1-2 weeks of the quarter, and 75% refunded when the withdrawal occurs during weeks 3-4 of the quarter. There will be no refunds after the fourth week of any quarter. There is no refund for a student who is dismissed from the program.

Student Employment

The PA Program strongly discourages outside employment because of the rigors of the curriculum. A limited number of work study positions may be available during the didactic phase but students must meet academic and professional requirements to attain and continue in a work study position. Students may not serve or perform as staff members of the PA Program unless they are part of a specific USF approved federal, state, or USF work-study program. Work- study students will not be permitted to have access to confidential student records or student information and/or testing materials. Students are not required to work for the PA Program or the University. Students are expressly prohibited from performing as instructional faculty. Students are not to be employed on clinical rotations. This policy especially prohibits employment by preceptors or health care facilities