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Spring 2020

Tuition Rates  
Tuition (CH-per credit hour rate):  
Traditional FT On-Campus UG – Annual                                        34,000                                   35,000
Summer (CH)430430
Part-time (CH)850875
Business Management (CH)399399
Health Care Leadership (CH)399399
Organizational Leadership (CH)399399
BSN Fast Track (CH)399399
Graduate Education (CH)748748
MSW (CH)599599
MSW Advanced Certificate (CH)544544
MSN (CH)775775
DNP (CH)780780
EdD Education (CH)690690
MBA (CH)798798
Physician Assistant – Quarter                                          9,500                                     9,900

All prices include the cost of the meal plan. Students must provide their own pillows, blankets, bedspreads, bed linens, wash cloths, hangers, personal items and window drapes. For more information, visit the residence halls web page by clicking here.

Housing (Annual)  
Single Suite                                        11,020                                   11,240
Single                                         10,460                                   10,670
Triple Suite                                          9,720                                     9,910
Double                                          9,430                                     9,620
Triple                                          9,170                                     9,350
Single Deluxe                                        12,040                                   12,280
Single                                        11,420                                   11,760
Double                                        10,230                                   10,430
Triple Deluxe                                          9,910                                   10,110
Triple                                          9,260                                     9,450
 Apartment Single                                        12,150                                   12,390
 Apartment Double                                        11,840                                   12,080
Single Deluxe                                        11,740                                   11,980
Single                                         11,420                                   11,650
Double Suite                                        11,040                                   11,260
Double Deluxe                                        11,010                                   11,230
Double                                        10,370                                   10,580
Triple                                        10,030                                   10,230


Student Fees 
Athletic Insurance Fee (per semester)$200
Challenge Exam Fee (undergraduate & graduate)$100
Graduation Application Fee$120
Commuter Parking Permit Fee: (per year)$50
Resident Parking Permit Fee: (per year)$30
Printing Management Policy 
Review and Posting Fee for continuing USF students who transfer additional hours (per credit hour)$25
Student Orientation Fee (first semester only)$120
Transcript Request Fee (per copy)$5.50
Tuition Deposit$100
Technology FeePER SEMESTER
Part-Time Traditional Undergrad Students (1-11 credit hours):$75
Adult Undergraduate Students:$75
Graduate & Doctoral Students:$125
Curriculum Specific Fees 
EDD Program Deposit (NON REFUNDABLE)$500
Lab fees (as listed on the schedule of course offerings) 
MSN Digital Remote Proctoring Service$49
Posting Fee – Challenge Exam (per credit hour)$25
Posting Fee – Portfolio Credit (per credit hour)$50
Posting Fee – Proficiency Examination Credit (per credit hour)$25
Prior Learning Assessment Fee$200
Proficiency Exam Testing Fee (per exam)$100
Student Teaching Fee$150
Tutorial Fee for graduate coursework$125
Housing Related Fees 
A/C (air conditioner) installation (On campus residents)$50
Housing Late Cancellation Fee$500
Room Reservation Deposit (NON REFUNDABLE)$50
International Student Fees 
International Orientation Fee (one time fee)$150
International Student Deposit (one time fee)$550
ESL Testing Fee for ELAP Student (one time fee)$100
Student Account Fees
(Late Payment & Payment Plan Fees per semester)
Late Payment Fee – Traditional Undergraduate$120
Late Payment Fee – Adult Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral$120
Payment Plan Fee – Traditional Undergraduate$90
Payment Plan Fee – Adult Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral$40
Returned Check Fee$30


Whenever two or more members of the same immediate family are concurrently enrolled at the University of St. Francis as full-time undergraduate students, all shall be allowed a discount of 5 percent on tuition chargers per semester.


Enrollment shall be considered as signifying knowledge of all conditions, rules and regulations and shall be deemed as acceptance thereof.

The university shall not be liable for any damage or loss of personal property from any cause whatsoever.

Students are not entitled to receive recommendations, degrees, honors or transcripts of credit until all bills are paid and the exit interview has been completed with financial aid concerning their National Direct/Defense Student loans and Perkins loans.

At the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the University of St. Francis, all charges are subject to change on 30 days’ notice.

In the event of default in the payment of any amount due, and if the account is placed in the hands of an agency or attorney for collection or legal action, the student agrees to pay an additional charge equal to the cost of collection including agency and attorney fees and court costs.

A “Previous Term Billing Charge” in the amount of one percent per month will be added to all student accounts that are delinquent from any previous semester.


The institutional refund policy below describes how tuition will be handled. The federal refund policy determines which portions of Federal Title IV aid need to be returned to the federal programs.

Physician Assistant Refund Policy

The institutional refund policy below describes how tuition charges will be handled. The federal refund policy determines which portions of Federal Title IV aid need to be returned to the federal programs. Refunds for withdrawal from the university will be made only after receipt of completed withdrawal forms. Tuition charges are 100% refunded when the withdrawal occurs during the first 1-3 weeks of the quarter. There will be no refunds after the third week of any quarter. There is no refund for a student who is dismissed from the program.

Institutional Refund Policy

Refunds for withdrawal from the university will be made only after proper withdrawal forms have been completed. The forms are available in the Registrar’s Office. Failure to properly notify this office renders the student ineligible for refund. Full tuition is charged unless the student makes a formal withdrawal. The following schedule applies to all USF academic programs. Tuition charges will be computed according to the following schedule:

Number of weeks from the published start date of the course: FULL-TERM COURSES

During the….Refund
1st or 2nd Week100%
3rd or 4th Week75%
5th Week and after0%

Number of weeks from the published start date of the course: MODULAR COURSES

During the….Refund
1st Week100%
2nd Week75%
3rd Week and after0%

Resident students who complete withdrawal forms before the end of the semester are charged for room and board based on the actual period of residence on campus. Refunds are payable to students thirty 30 days after the official date of withdrawal. All questions and concerns related to the refund policies of the University of St. Francis should be directed to the Business Office Manager, Office of Business Affairs, (815) 740-2268. Students dropped or suspended from the University of St. Francis are not eligible for refunds.

Students receiving Title IV assistance who completely withdraw from the university are entitled to a refund of any unused tuition/room and board charges. All attendees at USF will have their refund of Title IV assistance calculated using a policy that came forward as a result of the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998.

Federal Refund Policy:

Step 1 – determine the last date of attendance. This may be determined by class records, attendance records, or the actual date the student initiates the withdrawal. If the student withdraws without notifying the institution, the midpoint of the semester will be used as the date.

Step 2 – determine the percentage of the term completed. This is accomplished by dividing the number of calendar days actually completed by the number of calendar days in the term.

Step 3 – determine the percentage of the total federal Title IV assistance the student has earned. This is determined by multiplying the percentage in step 2), above, by the total amount of federal Title IV assistance. At this time, the amount of unearned assistance is also calculated.

Step 4 – once the actual amount of assistance to be returned to the federal programs is determined, it will be returned in the following order:

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans
Subsidized Federal Direct Loans
Perkins Loan
Federal Direct PLUS Loans
Federal Pell Grant
Federal SEOG
Other Title IV Assistance

In all instances where applicable, funds must be returned to the federal programs within 30 days. If applicable amounts are not returned, the student may be reported to the U.S. Department of Education as owing a refund to a federal Title IV program. The student must be aware that the amounts to be returned to the federal programs may be money the student has already received as a refund from the university for off-campus living expenses. By owing this refund, the student will be ineligible to receive any further Title IV assistance from any other institution.

College of Business & Health Administration Refund Notice For Georgia Students (as required by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission). The University of St. Francis and the student agree to abide by the following cancellation and refund policy:

Students wishing to cancel their course registration are asked to contact the Registrar’s Office no later than the end of the second week of the semester. Students in compliance with the deadline will be eligible for full refund of any tuition. Students who have not attended a class during the first three weeks of class will automatically have their registration cancelled by the institution and be eligible for a full tuition refund. Students who do not attend class three consecutive weeks, up until the seventh week of class, will automatically have their registration dropped and be eligible for a prorated tuition refund based upon their last date of attendance.

Tuition charges will be assessed according to the following schedule:

Cancellation during weeks 1-2No charge
Cancellation during weeks 3-475% of tuition refunded
Cancellation during weeks 5-750% of tuition refunded
Cancellation after week 7Full tuition charged

It is agreed that this notice together with the University Catalog represents the entire understanding between the University of St. Francis and the student and that no written or oral agreement, assumption, or other statement will, in any matter, affect the provisions of this notice unless mutually agreed upon by the University of St. Francis and the student.

Questions About Your Bill

Business Affairs Office toll free at 800-729-2700 or by email at businessoffice@stfrancis.edu.

Questions About Financial Aid

Financial Aid Services toll free at 866-890-8331 or by email at finaid@stfrancis.edu.

Federal Gainful Employment information can be found by clicking here. Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

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