Center for Nonprofit Excellence


The Center for Nonprofit Excellence provides efficient and value-added professional services to Will County nonprofit organizations with limited financial resources and whose missions are aligned with the Franciscan core values of respect, integrity, service, and compassion. This allows the nonprofit organizations to focus primarily on their core mission-driven objectives in the community.

center for nonprofit excellence


  • The Nonprofit gains a diverse talent pool of subject matter experts with different perspectives and backgrounds.
  • The Nonprofit gains an education in best practices.
  • The Center creates connections within the community.
  • USF students gain practical experience with area Nonprofits.
  • The Center creates public relations opportunities for both USF and the Nonprofit.
center for nonprofit excellence

Who provides the services?

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence and the Career Success Center work closely together to source the interns, subject matter experts, professionals and trainers that fulfill the service agreements. We offer various levels of experience and corresponding compensation rates for each level.

Level 1: Service agreements fulfilled by this level include students working toward a degree in the subject matter area. These students have at least 60 hours of credit (6 in their major concentration).

Level 1 Provider Services

  • Bookkeeping              
  • Data Entry                  
  • IT/Data Analysis                    
  • Management
  • Content Writing         
  • Report Writing                       
  • Marketing/Social Media

Level 2: Service agreements fulfilled by this level include a) students earning master’s degrees with experience in the subject matter; b) professionals, and; c) subject matter experts.

Level 2 Provider Services

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • IT/Data Analysis                    
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Writing
  • Management
  • Financial Analysis                             
  • Human Resources                  
  • Payroll

Let us know what service or training topic is of interest. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence will then work with you to outline the terms of the Service Agreement and Scope of Work. A Financial Needs Assessment will then be completed by the CNE. A Service Agreement will be proposed to your nonprofit enterprise. The Terms of Services/Agreement are formally accepted by your nonprofit. Work begins and follows the terms of the Service Agreement.

The Nonprofit Check-up

This service includes a review of the general brand of the non-profit, a basic financial analysis, identification of any gaps in training, and suggested action items to improve the overall health of the organization.

Board Governance

This training offers a review of bylaws and committees, and includes a written summary report.

Excel Training

This three-hour training session will review topics chosen by the nonprofit enterprise.

Financial Statement Fundamentals

This 90-minute training session for the executive team of the nonprofit enterprise focuses on navigating financial statements.

Onboarding Employees

This 90-minute training session for the HR manager of the nonprofit enterprise is focused on bringing new employees into the organization.

Diversity Training

This three-hour training is provided to an audience selected by the nonprofit enterprise. Minimum audience is 10 people.

Management Training

This three-hour training for management will cover topics chosen by the nonprofit enterprise.

Personality Testing/Team Building

This 90-minute training is offered by a Level 2 provider and can review topics such as DISC assessment, Enneagram, Clifton StrengthsFinder and MBTI. The price of this training is dependent upon the assessment used and the number of attendees/participants.

Ask us about...

…our Nonprofit Skills Introductory program and our Advanced Nonprofit Skills Certificate of Completion program! Topics include: marketing/branding/fundraising, management of volunteers and teams, human resources and finance.


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