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We’ve increased the number of acceptable transfer hours, reduced the number of hours you need to graduate, and offer special, low tuition rates of $425 per credit hour. USF is perfect for adults who want to return to finish their degrees and launch their careers in a new direction.

Adult Undergraduate Programs

Business Administration (B.S.) – Online Program

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management and Leadership
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Transportation & Logistics Management

Health Care Management (B.S.) – Online Program

Nursing BSN Completion (BSN) – Online Program

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The University of St. Francis has designed top-quality programming that specifically meets the needs of adult learners. Courses are offered online, in an accelerated, eight-week format– and now at the discounted cost of just $399 per credit hour! Start now and complete your degree in as little as 15 months.

We are a pioneer at offering quality educational experiences at off-campus sites as well as online. Here’s what you, as an adult learner, have told us you need:

  • Accelerated classes
  • Classroom and online courses
  • Tuition reimbursement/payment options
  • Credit for previous learning experience
  • Help in getting started in your first online class
  • Support for changing careers
  • Courses relevant to the workplace and to career advancement

At the University of St. Francis, you can have all of this and more! We promise you quality faculty members, interactive and vibrant classes, and excellent support services.

What is the Prior Learning Assessment Program?

The Prior Learning Assessment Program offers a way for earning credit granted for verifiable college–level learning acquired through life or work experiences that can be documented in a portfolio and is equivalent to a college course (Experiential learning, training, employment, and certifications). It is credit that does not duplicate any previously earned credit.

What are the costs and fees for the Prior Learning Assessment Program?

  • Evaluation of the application and portfolio process is a non-refundable $200 fee charged at the time you are registered for the Prior Learning Portfolio Development online course.
  • The cost for posting credit to your transcript is $50.00 per credit hour awarded.

What is the maximum amount of credit that can be obtained through Prior Learning?

A maximum of 33 semester hours may be earned and includes credit for CLEP, DANTES, Military Credit and other approved forms of credit.

Prior Learning Assessment Program Documents

The following documents are Adobe PDF files. If you need Adobe software, click here.

How does the portfolio process begin?

  • Send all official transcripts and a copy of your resume to your admissions counselor.
  • The Academic Advising Center will evaluate your transcripts and review your resume.
  • The Academic Advising Center will register you for your first semester courses.
  • The coordinator of Prior Learning will contact you during your first semester to schedule a phone appointment to discuss the portfolio process in detail. Education majors will be contacted prior to the start of your first semester.
  • During the appointment, the prior learning program will be discussed and if recommended, you will be registered into the non-credit GENS 100 Prior Learning Portfolio Development course.

How can the Coordinator for Prior Learning assist me?

  • During your interview, the Coordinator for Prior Learning will review your past experiences, learning, skills, employment, training, and help in determining courses that fit your experiences.
  • The coordinator will discuss the competencies for the courses and help you determine whether you should apply for Prior Learning credit.
  • Once you receive the experiential checklists, it will be your responsibility to assess your knowledge as to whether you have attained 90 percent of the knowledge listed on the checklists.
  • You will follow-up with the coordinator to discuss enrollment into the Portfolio Development course.
  • While enrolled in the Portfolio Development course, the coordinator will assist you through the portfolio development process and provide initial review of documents.

How much time do I have to complete the Prior Learning Portfolio?

You will be enrolled into the Prior Learning Portfolio course during your second semester (Education majors during your first semester). You will have the entire semester to complete and submit your portfolio for review. The portfolio process must be complete before you have acquired a maximum of 96 semester hours (this includes transfer and university credit).

What is the portfolio review process?

  • The portfolio will be reviewed by the Coordinator for general competencies.
  • The portfolio will be submitted to the appropriate faculty member for review.
  • The faculty member generally has two weeks to complete the review of each course.
  • The Prior Learning Board gives final approval of credit.

What happens after the review?

You will receive notification as to the results of the review. These results may include credit for all or some of the courses requested for credit. The results may also include suggestions for a “rewrite” for a course that credit has been denied. One “rewrite” is allowed.

For additional questions, please contact your personal admission counselor by clicking here for Adult Degree Completion Students, or by phone at 800- 735-7500.

Don’t delay– registration is taking place now!

To begin, fill out the form below then email a copy of your transcripts to Maggie Stevenson, Associate Director of Graduate & Adult Degree Admissions, at for a personal evaluation to determine how many classes you’ll need to finish.

Alternative credit options currently include industry certifications/licenses, work experience credit, and exams that can be taken for foundation courses in humanities, economics, history, management and marketing.

USF offers online, accelerated degree completion programs in business, health care and nursing. To get an unofficial academic degree plan, please email a copy of your transcripts to

In the subject line, include: “Academic Degree Plan”

Please include the following information:

  • Program of interest
  • Name, phone number, and email address
maggie stevenson admissions staff
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