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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program is an accelerated adult degree completion program within the School of Business, which is part of USF’s College of Business & Health Administration. Business and industry leaders in all management areas will benefit from the strong combination of applied knowledge and practical experience found in the curriculum. The goal of the B.S. in Business Administration is to prepare adult students to meet the challenges and demands they may face as a manager. Students will be able to apply concepts from the classroom immediately to a job to help them manage everyday work situations and problems.

The B.S. in Business Administration meets needs of adult students who are working in all areas of management such as organizational/operational management, logistics management, healthcare management, non-profit management, service management and human resource management. The B.S. in Business Administration also provides a solid foundation for the Master of Business Administration (MBA), the M.S. in Management degree, the M.S. in Training & Development or any other graduate business degree and offers students the opportunity to begin taking graduate courses as part of their undergraduate curriculum.

Business Administration graduates are able to employ a variety of effective management strategies including organizational change strategies, organizational behavior research, human resource management, facilities management, service management and strategic business management.

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The mission of the Business Administration program is to provide adult learners with the highest quality of applied management skills to fulfill their intellectual and professional career needs. Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Use various leadership strategies and resources to examine in the problems and dynamics of organizational change.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal and managerial communication skills.
  • Identify and explain fundamentals and challenges of contemporary human resource management.
  • Apply supervisory management and organizational behavior principles.
  • Understand components associated with efficient management of facilities.
  • Define the functions and responsibilities of a manager in meeting the needs of today‘s business, society and environment.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the theories and strategies of service management.
  • Implement the strategic business management approaches necessary for effective operation of an organization.

The courses within the B.S. in Business Administration program are taught completely online in an 8-week accelerated format to meet the educational and lifestyle needs of adult learners. The online course format offers flexibility and a practical option for professionals with busy personal, work and travel schedules. With three semesters per year and two eight-week sessions each semester, there are six entry points for the program. Even students taking one course at a time are able to complete six courses per year.

Students must transfer a minimum of 64 semester hours. A maximum of 80 semester hours may be transferred from a community college. At least 32 semester hours must be taken at USF, including 15 hours of upper-division coursework, with 30 of the last 36 hours earned at USF. A student must complete a minimum total of 120 semester hours to graduate (including transfer credit and USF credit).

Many adults have experienced college-level learning outside the traditional classroom. The Prior Learning Assessment Program is a portfolio process in which the student documents all learning through work and life experiences to receive college credit for learning that is equivalent to courses offered at the University of St. Francis. Up to 33 semester hours of college credit may be awarded through the Prior Learning Assessment Program, including Military, CLEP and DANTES credits.

The undergraduate business programs provide students with the opportunity to be members of Delta Mu Delta, an international honors society in business administration with a growing membership of 150,000. For membership, undergraduate students must have completed half of the requirements for the degree and be in the top 20% of their class with a minimum cumulative 3.25/4.0 G.P.A.

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