The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records. They are:
  • The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the date the University receives a request for access. The students should submit to the Registrar a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect. The Registrar will make arrangements for access and notify the student of the time and place where the records may be inspected. If the records are not maintained by the Registrar, they will be notified of the office that does maintain the record.
  • The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the student believes are inaccurate or misleading. A written policy for review and amendment of records can be obtained from the Registrar’s office.
  • The right to consent disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. One exception which permits disclosure without consent is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is defined as: academic, administrative, support, and contract staff of the University who has a legitimate educational interest. Legitimate educational interest is defined as: performing a task specified in the job description or contract, performing a task related to the student’s education, performing a task related to the discipline of a student, providing a service or benefit relating to a student. In addition, students serving on official committees such as disciplinary or grievance committees will also be considered to have a legitimate educational interest.
  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the University of St. Francis to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is: Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 600 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202-4605.

An exception is the disclosure of directory information. The University of St. Francis defines directory information as: student name, e-mail address, hometown, dates of attendance, awards and honors, degrees conferred (including dates), and sport (height, weight, position) if an athlete. Such information may be disclosed, without the student’s consent, at the institution’s discretion, except as specified in the note below.

In addition, the University publishes a directory which includes the student’s name and telephone numbers. This publication is for student, administrative, and faculty use. Telephone numbers will not be released except through this publication. The University will, upon request, disclose education records without consent to officials of another school in which a student seeks or intends to enroll. Written verification of such intent will be obtained.

NOTE: Currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of any or all of the above items of information under FERPA. To withhold disclosure, written notification, on the form specified, must be submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar. This may be done at any time within a semester of enrollment. The student’s notification of nondisclosure will remain in effect until the student notifies the Office of the Registrar, in writing, of removal of the nondisclosure status. The University of St. Francis assumes that failure on the part of any currently enrolled student to specifically request nondisclosure of directory information items indicates individual approval for disclosure.

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