Culture Connect Mentorship Program

Learn more about USF’s Culture Connect Mentorship progam! Students and families alike can be part of this program to reach out to international students and make them feel welcome and cared for during their time at USF.

Culture Connect Mentorship Program (USF Students)

Every semester, a new group of international students arrives at USF. These students will face all of the same challenges as a student from the US, as well as facing the challenges of dealing with life in a new country.

Through Culture Connect, USF students and the USF Community can help to welcome and ease the transition for these incoming international students. The program creates opportunities for international and internationally-aware American students at USF to connect on a more personal level and develop a friendship that will help foster greater global awareness for both students.

USF Students can become mentors to our new international students. Develop friendships from students all around the world and help them ease into life in a different country!

Culture Connect Friendship Family Program

The Friendship Family program pairs international students with American families. Students can spend time with families during holidays, weekends, or any special outings. These arrangements can create a feeling of a true “home away from home”.

International Student Application form

If you are an international student at USF and would like to apply for a student mentor or friendship family, please complete the application below and return it to the International Programs Office, Motherhouse, 2nd Floor, or email it to