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Required Nursing Courses (30 semester hours)
NURS 301 Concepts of Professional Nursing 3
NURS 320 Nursing Informatics 3
NURS 365 Physical Assessment for RNs 3
NURS 369 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care 3
NURS 412 Nursing Research 3
NURS 420 Ministry of Nursing 3
NURS 462 Professional Nursing Seminar 3
NURS 471 Community Health 4
NURS 474 Leadership and Management 4
NURS XXX Elective course from list below 1

Nursing Electives
NURS 364 Spiritual Ethno-Cultural Aspects of Nursing 3
NURS 367 Complementary Therapies in Nursing 1
NURS 416 Client Education 3
NURS 418 End of Life Issues 1
NURS 421 Pain Concept Management 3
NURS 422 Health Care and Aging 3

Program Overview

The BSN completion option is designed to maximize articulation options and increase the BSN prepared workforce. Those with an earned RN license and students currently enrolled in good standing with our partner Junior Colleges may transfer up to 90 semester hours of credit toward the baccalaureate degree, including courses equivalent to (the four you have listed above). All BSN candidates must take thirty hours of nursing credit at USF and pass with a grade of C.

Program requirements:

  • RNs (as noted above)
  • Partner ASS students must be in good academic standing and have met all the health and CPR requirements of their ASS program.

Get Started!

  1. Contact the JJC Nursing Department at 815-280-2435 for an evaluation of placement in the BSN Degree Completion bridge program with a nursing advisor.
  2. Contact USF’s Graduate and Adult Undergraduate Admissions staff at 815-740-6532 or click here for more contact information to begin the admissions process.