Welcome USF Commuters!

We are glad you are a part of the USF family! Below is a list of helpful tips, important places and numbers, on-campus dining, and commuter resources. Keep reading to learn more.

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Important Places & Numbers for Commuters

Commuter Tips

  • You can access the files you save at school from home. Simply log in to My USF Portal (click My Portal on the homepage. The login is your full name with no spaces and your six-digit pin number). Then in the upper right corner, click “my files” and voila! You now have access to what you saved on the school computer!
  • Make sure you look for upcoming events. Almost all events at USF are free and some times you can bring your family! A lot of clubs give away free food and prizes at events as well. You can attend any event and there’s no obligation to become part of the club that is sponsoring it.
  • Parking can be tough sometimes. It’s good to get to USF at least 30 minutes early in order to find a parking spot. If you have to park a few blocks away, security will come to pick you up or take you to your car at the end of the day. You can call them to arrange a ride at 815-740-3847.
  • We have a workout room in the Recreation Center located on the basement level. Our workout room has cardio machines, free weights, and regular weight machines. In a continuing effort to provide you with the best service possible, USF offers its students a free membership to Inwood Athletic Club. Feel free to use this facility to pursue your individual wellness goals. Remember, you must show your USF ID in order to use the facility. Inwood Athletic Club offers aerobic classes, a lap pool, weight training, and much more.

Where can I hang out or study?

  • There are computer labs in the Library, in the Motherhouse near the  Three Oaks Bistro, and in other spots on campus
  • There is a small lounge with a vending machine and a microwave in the basement of the Library, along with a room where you can watch videos or DVDs for class.
  • The Commuter Lounge is located in Tower Hall by the bookstore. There you will find lockers, tables and vending machines.
  • The Uno Lounge is located in the middle of Tower Hall, on the first floor. This is a social lounge.
  • The Moser Lounge is located next to the cafeteria. If you are coming from Tower circle and going to the cafeteria you will walk right past it. If you are coming from the cafeteria, it is tucked away right past the washrooms.
  • The Abbey Lounge, located in Marian Hall (the residence hall), is also open to commuter students. In there you will find an arcade with games and a pool table, along with a separate lounge to watch TV.
  • Located on the lower level of the Motherhouse is the game room, fireplace lounge, cyber cafe, and gathering spaces.
  • There is also a lounge, right inside the main entrance, the one underneath the balcony. It’s the first door on your left.
  • All the lounges are open 24/7.

Where can I eat around campus?

  • View dining locations & hours here.
  • To purchase food from the snack shop or Terrace Café, you can get Dining Dollars put onto your student ID card (just ask the cashier in the cafeteria how) or you can pay with cash or your debit card.
  • There is an ATM located near the Tower Hall Security Desk.
  • The bookstore also offers a variety of snacks and there are vending machines in Marian Hall, the Library, the commuter lounge, the hallway by the cafeteria and the stairwell in the Motherhouse.
  • Quest provides commuters with a refrigerator for your lunch, just stop by the bistro and remember to put your name on your bag! There is also a microwave in the dining area across from the Bistro and in the basement of the library.