Grassroots Employee Giving Campaign

Annually, the University of St. Francis Grassroots Employee Giving Campaign encourages faculty and staff to recognize the impact our gifts of time, talent and resources have on USF students and our daily operations on all campuses.

Why give?

Your gift directly supports USF students. Your gift, no matter the amount, is important to the future of University of St. Francis. Our goal is 100% participation for our deserving students.

What areas can I support?

Centennial Gateway: The new Centennial Gateway will celebrate the 100-year legacy, recognize USF supporters and provide a warm welcome to campus. The new landscape design features a new stone gateway and signage, a stone patio and seating area, a bronze statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, and thriving trees and plants. These special features will welcome current students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors to campus. The university believes the charm, color and beauty of the well-placed landscape elements will enhance the campus environment and help bolster recruitment efforts. Spaces, such as this one, are at the heart of the university’s mission as a welcoming community of learners.

Centennial Quad: The Quad will be transformed. The space will create an attractive outdoor gathering area and walkable link between USF’s LaVerne and Dorothy Brown Science Hall, Tower Hall, the Pat Sullivan Recreation Center and the Motherhouse. With the removal of St. Albert Hall, the campus will be opened up and the new Quad will create a peaceful setting conducive to learning. Illinois native plants and gardens will be incorporated into the design as well as a new water feature. The commons area will provide space for students to study, collaborate, dine and enjoy fellowship. Spaces like these are a critical means by which student success is made.

Centennial Scholarship: Student support is the highest priority of the university. Throughout USF’s 100-year history, we have welcomed students based on their talent and academic potential. By raising $1 million in new scholarship support by 2020, the University of St. Francis Centennial Campaign demonstrates USF’s commitment to affordable excellence and will ensure a USF education remains within reach of bright, hard-working students and families. USF is emphasizing two scholarship support areas that are critical to the university’s recruitment success and the overall quality of USF’s student body.

Your Choice: Are you passionate about a specific program or initiative on campus? We invite you to consider investing in an area that means something to you.

Giving Options

Payroll Deduction: USF employees can make charitable contributions to the university by payroll deduction– use the form below to get started!

One-time Online Gift: Give conveniently via credit card.

Check: Make payable to University of St. Francis.

Matching Gift: Imagine doubling or even tripling your gift to the university. Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. To find out if your spouse’s company has a matching gift policy or for more information, please visit our matching gifts page.

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Payroll Deduction

Your gift directly supports USF students! Your gift, no matter the amount, is important to the University of St. Francis. Please choose your preferred option for giving through payroll deduction: