To meet the needs of adults who wish to take computer science courses for self-satisfaction, job development, and/or job retraining, the computer science department offers certificate programs. Adults who have already earned the minimum of a bachelor’s degree may earn an Advanced Computer Science certificate. Those who do not have a college degree but who have many years of information processing experience may earn a Computer Science Proficiency certificate. Certificate students may specialize in one concentration chosen from Computer Science or Information Technology. Competence in MATH 170 or MATH 181 is required. Two semesters of programming languages is a required prerequisite for entrance into Information Technology and two semesters of C++ is the required prerequisite for entrance into the Computer Science program.

Certificate Program: Information Technology (15 credit hours)

Required courses
COMP 200 Microcomputer Systems 3
COMP 205 Information Systems: Analysis and Design 3
COMP 207 Network Fundamentals 3
COMP 312 Server Installation and Configuration 3
COMP XXX Upper division elective 3

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