Alumni Association

Congratulations! You are one of more than 53,000 University of St. Francis alumni across the nation! The Alumni Association is complimentary to all USF graduates and includes many valuable benefits. We hope you’ll join us for an upcoming event and will come back to your alma mater for Homecoming & Reunion Weekend.

alumni association
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Become an Alumni Champion

As a USF Alumni, we invite you to join us in becoming an Alumni Champion. Our champions are individuals that have made the University of St. Francis and the Alumni Association a priority. Our champions take part in meaningful USF engagement where they lead and spread the word about events, opportunities and programs. You’ll enjoy…

Becoming an alumni leader

Taking part in alumni and volunteer opportunities

Supporting the part of the university that means the most to you

If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Champion or would like more information, please contact Aindrea Hogan at

Homecoming Weekend
September 29-October 1, 2023


1. Attend alumni and university events.
Our alumni are part of our past, present and future. We would love to have you share your stories, memories and advice at our many events throughout the year. If you haven’t been back in a while, we suggest you start by visiting the university and take a tour of any of our campuses. Make plans to attend Homecoming & Reunion and reconnect with others from your class or sign up for any of our events.

2. Join the Business Alumni Network (BAN).
This network meets twice annually and we hope you’ll consider joining us and sharing your ideas as we brainstorm alumni events, programs, and fundraising efforts for our student scholarships. Attend in-person or virtually.

3. Be a Mentor in our Student Alumni Mentoring (SAM) program.
Share what you learned as a USF student and in your professional career to those students following in your footsteps. SAM runs six months (November through April) during each academic year and partners with our Career Success Center creating a robust program for both students and alumni.

4. Make a gift to USF!
Your philanthropy is essential to fulfilling USFs education mission. Your contributions help us maintain our high caliber of academic offerings, attract smart, hard-working students and provide them with much-needed financial aid. Your support helps make the dream of earning a USF degree a reality. #EveryGiftMatters

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